Student Attendance and Cleaning

Make Sure You’re Not Doing More Harm Than Good
by EnvirOx
Student Attendance and Cleaning

The benefits of a cleaner environment are easy to understand. Cleaning helps contain the spread of disease. Students who are healthy study better. Teachers who are healthy teach better.

The facts support this. Take the example of schools in Syracuse, New York. They documented attendance gains of 11.7% the first year after instituting a cleaning regimen targeted toward making their facilities healthier for students and staff. This got them over $2.5 million more in state funding.1

Healthier Cleaning Benefit

An important thing to remember when cleaning for health is that it’s about more than just finding a product that does the job well. Some cleaning products might actually make the environment you clean worse off than before or at least leave behind new problems.

If your cleaning product:

  • Is full of substances like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Adds to environmental contamination during use (harsh/burning odors)
  • Leaves behind a chemical residue

Then you’re not really cleaning healthier. Reducing VOCs and assessing disinfectant use are just two steps you can take to reduce respiratory illness, remove asthmatic triggers, and prevent other emerging problems such as the disruption of mitochondrial cells and estrogen.1 Consider changing your cleaning products to those containing lower VOCs. Also, consider whether using a sanitizer versus a disinfectant might be better for your needs.

So if you’re looking to clean healthier, be sure to check the Safety Data Sheets of any new products you’re evaluating. If you’re not getting the answers you want, reach out to their customer service team. They should have the answers you need to make an informed decision.

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