Environmental Impact

Sustainability is what our company is all about. We believe we have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers and our planet to make environmentally-conscious choices throughout our company.

We begin our development process with environmental impact and human health in mind. Our products:

  • Carry a range of third party green certifications or EPA registrations (per federal regulation, EPA registered products may not carry green certification*)
  • Use packaging made from post-consumer material whenever possible
  • Contain biodegradable and plant-derived ingredients as well as proprietary technology

As a company dedicated to making more environmentally preferred products, it's important for us to walk the walk in other areas of our business as well.

To that end:

  • In 2021 we planted new trees on the property of our headquarters.
  • In 2022 we installed solar panels to offset the electric grid.
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard and aluminum throughout our manufacturing plant & office.
  • We are continuously investing in energy-efficient goods, including Energy Star® office machines, LED light bulbs and hand dryers.
  • We believe sustainability is a moving target and are continually evaluating our manufacturing processes.

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