Plugging the Glug-Glug

Is a Closed Loop Cleaning System Right For You?
by EnvirOx
Plugging the Glug-Glug

We’ve blogged about the advantage of using a closed loop cleaning system before. But just to recap, the benefits of using closed loop (a cleaning system that blocks off direct access to concentrated cleaning product) include:

  1. Worker Safety: reducing the risk of spills/splash back from pouring
  2. Reduces Waste: no more worrying about “the glug-glug” where people eyeball how much product to pour into the water for cleaning
  3. Cost Control: You save money by not overusing product and avoiding costly staff injuries

But, the question you might be asking yourself is… how do I know if a closed loop system is right for my staff and the facilities they clean? Systems that aren’t closed loop can still work for you depending on your cleaning needs, depending on your cleaning needs. To help you decide if a closed loop cleaning system is right for you, think about the following questions:

Do you have frequent turnover?

Current industry estimates estimate turnover in the cleaning industry averaging 200%. If you do have a lot of turnover, then that means you'll have new employees coming in all the time. The risk of injuries from improperly handling cleaning product increases because of inexperienced employees. The possibility of new employees accidentally adding too much product also increases. Inexperienced staff might make the assumption that "hey if a little of this cleans well, I bet a lot will do an even better job." Not only is this thinking wasteful, but it can also cause residue build-up that leads to a lot of other problems.

How much square footage are you cleaning?

Although any size cleaning job can be benefited by using closed-loop cleaning systems, the larger the job, the more of an advantage it gives you. It is very rare that a cleaning budget keeps pace with an increase in square footage and directly reflects the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. In other words, just because the square footage of the job increases, it doesn't mean you'll have the budget to hire a lot more staff or buy a lot more cleaning product. This means that putting every drop of cleaner to good, productive use also becomes critical.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then a switch to a closed-loop cleaning system is something you should seriously consider.

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