Sanitizers vs. Disinfectants: What's the Difference?

by EnvirOx
Sanitizers vs. Disinfectants: What's the Difference?

One of the most common questions that we get here at EnvirOx is "what's the difference between a sanitizer and a disinfectant?" It's easy to understand why people get confused. There are a lot of different products out there, sometimes even within the same brand name, and the distinctions between each are not always clear. However, it's critical for cleaning staff to understand the differences because it can make a huge impact on the quality of their work. If the right product isn't used for the right job, it can mean they aren't effectively getting rid of the germs and other agents that impact occupant health. Finally, if they're using disinfectants when they're not needed, they could be wasting money.

Below, you'll find a graphic we've created that explains the differences between cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, virucides, and sterilants. This is designed as an easy guide to help learn the differences, but always be sure to read the full documentation on your products. You can download it as part of a printer-friendly info sheet:

H2Orange2 Hyper-Concentrate 112 Info Sheet

H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 Info Sheet

Cleaners vs Sanitizers vs Disinfectants vs Virucide  vs Sterilant



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