Healthy Cleaning for Contractors

You have a business to run — but it can be difficult to maintain cost control while managing high turnover and delivering great results.

EnvirOx is here to help.

Our unique, simple cleaning systems replace dozens of chemical cleaners with one product — cutting costs, reducing your training time and simplifying your entire cleaning program.

We help you solve your biggest challenges.

Tight Budgets

  • Replace expensive specialty cleaners with a single streamlined solution.
  • Reduce surface damage and worker’s comp issues with safer cleaning chemicals. Our products are safe on any water-safe surface and are practically goof-proof.*

Lack of Training Resources

  • One product with two color-coded dilutions cleans 95% of all facilities. Your staff no longer has to remember how to use 15-plus cleaners.
  • Train in Ten® materials include easy color-coded wall charts and videos, making training a snap.

Cleaning Complaints

  • We know you take pride in the results you deliver for your customers. Our unique hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology tackles soils at the source, providing a clean environment for your customers.
  • Low-residue products help eliminate common issues like sticky floors, bathroom odors and reoccurring carpet stains.
  • Incredibly versatile cleaning products get great results on grout, glass, carpet, bathroom cleaning and more — with just a single product.

Odor Elimination

  • Don’t mask odors — eliminate them. Our proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology destroys odor at its source.
  • Fresh orange and clean linen scents leave a pleasant, light fragrance your customers will love.

* Most EnvirOx in-use products, when diluted correctly, are safe on any water-safe surface. Use as directed.

"We’ve been using EnvirOx products for 13 years now. We first switched over because of the ease of training and safety of the chemicals. It’s not like some product lines where you have 10 different chemicals and have to explain all that to someone new."

Kris, Facilities Manager

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