Sustainability is What We Do

Whether it’s product development, manufacturing or marketing, sustainability runs in our blood.

Our Principles

EnvirOx was founded on three principles:

  1. Reduce toxicity.
  2. Reduce environmental impact.
  3. Make cleaning products that actually work.

Every product we make is judged against these principles. We don’t believe green cleaning products are just another product line. Rather, we believe that every product we offer should be a safer alternative to traditional cleaning systems. We believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers and our planet to make environmentally-conscious choices throughout our company. And because of that belief, we’d like to share with you everything we do to uphold it.

Sustainable Products

  • Our products carry a range of third party green certifications, including Green Seal and EcoLogo.
  • Our product development philosophy is simple—we make the safest products that actually work. We realize no one can sacrifice cleaning results for environmental sustainability. And we don’t think you should have to choose.
  • Our packaging is made from post-consumer material wherever possible.
  • Our products contain biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients. We begin our development processes with the environment and health in mind.

Sustainable Manufacturing

  • We recycle all paper, cardboard and aluminum throughout our manufacturing plant & office.
  • We are continuously investing in energy-efficient goods, including Energy Star® office machines, LED light bulbs and hand dryers.
  • We believe sustainability is a moving target and are continually evaluating our manufacturing processes.

Community Sustainability

  • Official Platinum Sponsor of the Healthy Schools Campaign.
  • Sponsor of Habitat for Humanity
  • Visit our Charitable Contributions page for more details on how we give back to our communities.

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