SafeBET™ - The Key to Responsible Disinfection

by EnvirOx
SafeBET™ - The Key to Responsible Disinfection

As the rise of the newest COVID variant, Eris, reminds us—the next concerning pathogen or variant is always around the corner. But the sense of fatigue when it comes to dealing with these pathogens is real. There's been a sharp decline in people taking vaccines as the number of cases slowed. Certainly, for many of us the desire to just move on and go about our lives is strong. But, for cleaning professionals, we don't have that luxury. We need to be ready to go into action should the need arise. But there are some important lessons we need to learn as an industry. One of the reasons we created OxiGenesis™ RTU was to ensure that cleaning workers had a better option when it comes to tackling future pathogens.

Introducing SafeBET - The Key to Responsible Disinfection




The Disinfectant you use should have a good balance between the effectiveness you need (for example, what pathogens you need to kill) versus the longterm health and consequences to:

  • Cleaning workers
  • Building occupants
  • Facility surfaces



Disinfectants are only effective when used as part of the Clean and THEN Disinfect method. This is in accordance with CDC guidelines.

  1. A cleaning product is used to wipe away dirt, debris, and residue
  2. THEN the disinfectant is applied



Do NOT use disinfectants more than necessary. This includes:

  • The amount of disinfectant used
  • Where it is used
  • And how often it’s used


Post This For Your Staff

Download an infosheet with this information as a handy reference and reminder for your staff. Make copies for them to keep, or post it in your facility's janitorial closet.

OxiGenesis RTU as Part of Your Responsible Disinfection Program

We PureCrafted™ OxiGenesis RTU to be the best alternative to older disinfectant technologies on the market. This patented formula uses our proprietary hydrogen-peroxide technology to create a powerful disinfectant that's low residue and requires no PPE. Carrying the Design for the Environment certification, it achieves the EPA's lowest toxicity level for a disinfectant. It's balanced, effective, and perfect for targeted disinfection. PLUS, it has a two-year shelf life, so it'll be there when you need it.

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