Introducing OxiGenesis™ RTU

The disinfection revolution has begun
by EnvirOx
Introducing OxiGenesis™ RTU

The Disinfection Revolution

We've been teasing it a few weeks now, and finally the full reveal is here. If you haven't seen our introduction video for OxiGenesis RTU, you can watch it here:

The OxiGenesis Difference

The COVID pandemic drove home that we need disinfectants. But we need better disinfectants. Disinfectants with a wide variety of kill claims, but without the harsh chemicals and effects of most traditional disinfectants. That's why we made something that's far from the "usual" disinfectant. OxiGenesis is the first PureCrafted® disinfectant from us. Developed in-house by our science team to revolutionize disinfection using our proprietary hydrogen-peroxide technology. We'll be bring you a lot more information over the next few months. For now, check out (and download) this info sheet we made of the 6 Great Benefits of OxiGenesis RTU.


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