Christy Bailey-Kupcik

Women of EnvirOx
by EnvirOx
Christy Bailey-Kupcik

March is Women's History Month. As a woman-owned business, we're proud to shine a spotlight on some of the women who make a difference here. We've asked them all the same questions—about their time at EnvirOx, and the women who inspire them.

Meet the Women of EnvirOx

Christy Bailey-Kupcik

Client Relations Manager

How long have you worked at EnvirOx?
17 years

What woman or women influenced you growing up?
My mother and sister. Unfortunately, I only had my mother on this earth for a short 22 years, however, she was by far the strongest and most influential woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She taught me how to be strong in my faith, resilient, compassionate, persistent, and hard working. My other role model is my sister, Pam. She is fifteen years older than me.  When our mother passed away,  she stepped up and filled the void to the best of her ability. I am forever grateful for her being the nurturing, caring and loving sister that she is. She is always the first person to check on me, the last person I talk to every evening, and my prayer warrior.  I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through so many obstacles without her. I feel incredibly blessed for the few years that I had with my mother and I’m so thankful that I’m still making memories with my sister.

Does working at a woman-owned business feel different than other places you’ve worked? Or does it mean anything to you personally?
EnvirOx is the best employer I’ve ever worked for. Due to the company being a family-owned business, there are a great deal of perks that you don’t see in the corporate world. Most importantly, family comes first at EnvirOx.  Personally, I believe working for a woman-owned business is awesome and definitely adds a special touch of understanding,  woman to woman.  I love the people I work with; they truly are family!

What’s one thing you’d tell younger women today that you’ve learned from experience?
I would tell young women to always believe in themselves, know and respect their worth. YOU are good enough, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Follow your dreams and do what you love, persistence is key. Life is hard, but it is what you make it. Choosing to push through and making the best of the worst situations will persevere.  Optimism goes a long way. Lastly, don’t lose sight of your friends. I’m middle-aged and some of the biggest blessings in my life are my close friends that I’ve had for 40 years plus. These girls have been there through thick and thin, supporting me as I navigated the storms.

If you could have dinner with four women—living or dead—who would they be and why?
I would give anything to have another dinner with my mother. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t learn something from her.  I miss her guidance, hugs, and laughter.  I thoroughly enjoy having dinner with my sister. She is such a great listener, we reminisce a lot, and share lots of laughs.  The other women would be my awesome friends that I’ve shared many years of laughter, tears, and shenanigans with.  A huge shoutout of gratitude to Tracy, Patty, Connie, Annette, Tanisha, Kari, Donna, Cindy, and Tina.

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