Can a Cleaning Product Really Help with Labor Shortages?

by EnvirOx
Can a Cleaning Product Really Help with Labor Shortages?

This is the first in a series of blogs we'll be writing to highlight the various ways that choosing the right cleaning product (spoilers, our products are the right ones) can help you with the labor shortages. If you want to learn even more, you can download your copy of our new E-book LABOR SHORTAGES & CLEANING PRODUCTS right now.

People Are Still Quitting Their Jobs

First, some tough news. It's unlikely that things are getting better any time soon when it comes to labor shortage. In the past, turnover in our industry has averaged 200% or higher.1 That means the recent labor shortage has been felt even harder in our industry. A lot of buzzwords have been thrown around to put a name to what’s been happening. The Great Resignation. Quiet Quitting. And these come along with a host of reasons for why people are not staying at their jobs. 

Although the pandemic may have triggered a lot of people leaving their jobs, people haven’t been returning to work as previously expected. Some experts suggest that’s because the issues underlining the job shortage have been ongoing for a while. The pandemic triggered it, but it wasn’t necessarily the primary cause.

No matter what the cause, the every day results for cleaning workers and their managers is clear. They're trying to maintain their usual cleaning standards with less hands to do the work. That's why we're writing these blogs and offering up this E-book. To give them—to give you—some practical help. 

Better Cleaning Through Simplicity

EnvirOx has always been something of an outlier. When other cleaning product companies want you to buy more and more specialized products, we’ve always touted that you only have to pick ONE of our products (in multiple dilutions) that takes care of 95% of your cleaning needs. Here's a chart to show you how that works:

Using fewer products to get the job done has all sorts of advantages, but when it comes to labor shortages, it's main advantages are clear. You can get new employees up and running in less time. If turnover is going to be higher, and this higher rate of turnover is not going away soon, then the best thing you can do is to roll with the punches and create a cleaning program that will help lessen the cost of onboarding and ongoing training.

  • Get new cleaning workers up and running FAST
  • Save time AND money. Pay workers to get the job done, not for endless training
  • Avoid costly mistakes like using the wrong cleaning product on the wrong surface


We'll go over some of the other ways choosing the right cleaning product can help with your labor shortage problem. If you want access to all the info right away, you can download the full E-book now.

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  • Why fewer, safer products is the way to go


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