The Changing Workforce & Cleaning Products

Generational shifts are here to stay. Here's how you can adapt.
by EnvirOx
The Changing Workforce & Cleaning Products

This is the second in a series of blogs we'll be writing to highlight the various ways that choosing the right cleaning product (spoilers, our products are the right ones) can help you with the labor shortages. If you want to learn even more, you can download your copy of our new E-book LABOR SHORTAGES & CLEANING PRODUCTS right now or read the first blog now.

How is the Workforce Changing?

There is no end to the debate of why we are where we are today when it comes to the US work force. That’s because it’s a result of a tangled web of societal, political, and environmental factors. But one thing experts agree on is that it’s likely not going to return to what it once was any time soon, if ever. It’s a hard reality, but one employers need to understand in order to make the right choices for their future. Today we're going to be looking at some of the generational differences in today's younger workforce, and how the right cleaning product can help you adapt.

First, let's look at a graphic we've compiled about Millennials and Generation Z specifically, as they represent the immediate future of the workforce as the first of Generation X nears retirement age.

Looking at this information, you might see some exciting opportunities for the cleaning industry to attract these younger workers. You might also see some things that feel like they'd take a very long time to change within your own organization, if they'd ever be possible. But don't lose hope. There are ways you can adapt right now that can make a difference.

What You Can Do to Adapt

There is the possibility that fewer and fewer young people think of working in the cleaning industry as a career. For them, it will either be a stepping stone to something else, or perhaps a side gig along with another job. In that case, an industry already hit by high turnover might find itself in perpetual turnover. At the very least, it’s good to plan for that in the short term. And by short term, we mean at least the next couple of years. This is where choosing a simple cleaning program with a robust, pre-existing training program is essential. Make on-boarding easy. Make ongoing training easy.

  • If turnover is (pardon the overused expression) the "new normal" then choose a cleaning system that is SIMPLER & SAFER
  • A streamlined cleaning system with just a few products can clean most facilities and means LESS TRAINING TO DO.
  • Cleaning products that avoid harsh chemicals are safer on most surfaces means you can help new workers AVOID ACCIDENTAL FACILITY DAMAGE
  • Our cleaning products are designed to be safer for the environment AND cleaning workers to REDUCE CHANCE OF ACCIDENTAL INJURY
  • With our wall charts and exclusive online training portal full of videos, courses, and more, you can make ONBOARDING FASTER AND EASIER

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