An Update for the Cleaning Professionals on the Frontline of this Pandemic

by EnvirOx
An Update for the Cleaning Professionals on the Frontline of this Pandemic


Hello everyone, My name is Diana Stewart and I am the president of EnvirOx. For those of you who don’t know us, we manufacture safer and healthier cleaning products for the commercial market. It’s an understatement to say that this is a difficult time. I’d like to take a few minutes to update the many frontline cleaning professionals across the country on what EnvirOx is doing to help you. First of all, thank you for helping to combat the COVID-1i pandemic. As usual, you are on the front lines, keeping the spaces we all share safer and healthier and often doing it at a health risk to yourself.

You see, at EnvirOx our mission is focused on a healthier way to clean, and we take our responsibility to you very seriously. As a cleaning professional, you know that disinfecting is a PROCESS, not just a product. The first step when you clean is to remove the dirt and debris and clean all that away so it won't get in the way of the disinfectant actually doing its job. Here we follow the CDC—Clean first, then disinfect. With the widespread use of disinfectants, it’s more important than ever to that when you can use something that is safer and healthier, to do so—for your health and the health of everyone who will return to the facilities you care for.

Over the past several weeks EnvirOx has made major adjustments to ensure that we can continue producing and supplying the cleaning technologies that will help you do your work. The really good news is that we don't have supply shortages on our safer, healthier hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology. However, it is a different situation for the things we don't make from scratch. There is a global shortage of spray bottles, spray heads and disinfectant technology. I assure you we are working in concert with your distributors to do everything we can to secure the supplies you need for your very important work.

However, we are subject to the same shortages sweeping across the nation. Now, to help with the spray bottle and spray head shortages, we have instructions on our website on how you can reuse them and clean them properly to reduce any cross-contamination. You can find all that at We are all making changes, learning to reduce and reuse things that we've taken for granted for a really long time.  And while each of us has a unique situation, we can come together, share information and support one another even if it's from a distance. EnvirOx is here to help. We are prepared to keep the supply of our proprietary hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology strong. Our team is ready for the long haul. So please, be well. Stay safe. And thank you.

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