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Updated 5/21/20 with an update from President Diana Stewart

At EnvirOx, our goal is to support the interests of health and human safety. That's why we consider it our responsibility to provide you with accurate, thoroughly researched cleaning information and experience-based guidance that supports this goal. We'll update with the latest resources and information as it becomes available. 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19

Cleaning & Disinfecting:

One of the things we've learned from all of this is that there is a lot of confusion for the public about what it means to disinfect. Chief among these concerns is understanding how cleaning products fit into the equation. The CDC has ALWAYS recommended that you clean and then disinfect. We have a new video that explains why. It also explains why, with the widespread use of disinfectants, it's more important now than ever to consider using green cleaning products.


Video Update: From our President to All the Frontline Cleaning Professionals (4-14-20)




Webinar: Cleaning and Disinfecting During An Outbreak Like Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The US EPA recently updated their list of products that are expected to be effective for the virus that causes COVID-19 by including disinfectants with a Human Coronavirus claim on the EPA Master Label: List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

EnvirOx has two products from this list we'd like to highlight:

Non-Acid DisinfectantCritical Care


EnvirOx Critical Care (EPA# 72977-3 -69268): follow directions and let dwell for 3 minutes. The formulation is a Ready-to-Use product.
EnvirOx Non-Acid Disinfectant Concentrate (EPA# 10324-63 -69268): follow directions on the label for Virucidal Performance (4 oz per 5 gal) and let dwell for 10 minutes. The formulation is a concentrated product, requiring dilution. Note that the Human Coronavirus claim does not appear on this product’s affixed label, but the product does carry the claim on the EPA Master Label, and hence is on the list.

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Info Sheet: Cleaners, Sanitizers, Disinfectants, Virucides, and Sterilants (160KB)








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