A Simple Equation: Clean Schools = Healthy Students = Better Learning

There is a very real link between cleaning and student success.
by EnvirOx
A Simple Equation: Clean Schools = Healthy Students = Better Learning

As a facility manager for a school, you’ve got a lot on your plate. For many facility managers, the custodial part of their job is just a small part of what they do. But, you realize what a critical part of it is, too. Sometimes that can be hard to communicate—whether it’s to your supervisor or when it’s time to discuss budgets. But studies have shown a direct link between cleaning, student health, and student performance. In the US, 120,000 schools provide educational needs for about 54 million students. Here are some quick facts and quotes for you to share.

  • Schools in Syracuse, NY saw a gain of 11.7 percent in attendance after establishing a cleaning program that included better vacuuming and paying closer attention to cleaning high touch points. This yielded them $2,512,250 in state funding.
  • “When schools have effective policies and practices that support the health of their students and staff; absenteeism decreases, concentration improves, and behavior problems are reduced.”
    National School Boards Association1
  • When schools are cleaned systematically daily, it can reduce the cost of the overall custodial program by almost 50%.
  • Schools that use green cleaning methods and products, in particular, can see great results when it comes to improving their environment. 12 green schools were surveyed about the impact of environmental changes that included such steps as green-certified cleaners, and the results were overwhelming:
    • 71% said they saw a positive effect on student achievement
    • 87% said there was a positive impact on student health
    • 71% saw a positive effect on student behavior.3

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