LVT Renew Gallon

Green Certified LVT Renew

New floor technology requires new cleaning technology

Now It's Easier To Train Than Ever!

Amazing results

Green Certified LVT Renew™ is a powerful Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner that outperforms conventional floor restoration and cleaning technology while raising the bar for health, safety, and environmental impact. Restore and maintain the beauty of your flooring with 1 simple product.


  • Residue is the problem. EnvirOx LVT Renew™ 2-dilution system is the solution. 
  • Restore luxury vinyl to its original color and feel and then easily maintain with just 1 product. 
  • Easy visual training materials. Train in Ten™ on only a few products instead of dozens. 
  • Safer, healthier products are 


  • Extend the life of your luxury vinyl by eliminating residue build-up– even from grooved surfaces! 
  • Don’t be fooled by low case price; look at in-use product cost. Ask for your cost comparison today

Amazing Results

Experience the rapid removal of residue with LVT Renew™ Heavy Duty RED® dilution and a floor scrubbing machine or scrub brush. 

• Our unique, proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology penetrates deep, breaking down and lifting soils for easy floor restoration and daily cleaning–with little residue. No more sticky floors! 

• Less sticky residue means floors stay cleaner, longer. 


View a PDF of ingredients in compliance with the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act

Product Specifications

LVT Renew
Fragrance Fresh Orange

2 x 1 Gallon

Dilution Ratios

Light Duty (1:256)

Heavy Duty (1:25.6)

Concentrate pH 4.4 ± 0.5
Diluted pH Neutral

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