Absolute Multi Dispenser

Absolute Multi Dispenser

Dispense a variety of products through one small dispenser.

Now It's Easier To Train Than Ever!

Amazing results

Maximize your cleaning options with one compact design. Switching between multiple products is as easy as Dock, Dial, Dilute™. There's no need to buy a new dispenser for one-off cleaning challenges.


  • Compact design: 11" x 19".
  • Switch between products easily with no tubes, doors or screw-on caps to deal with.
  • Get more out of your products; 5 dilutions available to cover everything from low-cost floor cleaning to serious renovation.
  • Dock, Dial, Dilute™ – Easy to use, easy to train.
  • Locking dispenser prevents product misuse.
  • Easy access to water.

Perfect for:

  • Replacing your four-product unit with a smaller dispenser that's simpler and easier to use.
  • Sophisticated teams with a variety of surfaces to clean.
  • Value buyers looking for versatility and cost control.

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