GBR Trio Dispenser

Absolute GBR Trio Dispenser

Offers ultimate versatility when it comes to diluting our Multi-Purpose products.

Now It's Easier To Train Than Ever!

Amazing results

The Absolute Trio Dispenser, backed by DEMA® closed-loop technology, fits any facility. Used with our proprietary Pure Crafted® products, you can tackle 95% of your cleaning challenges with just 1 highly effective, incredibly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Pair our Light Duty GREEN® and Heavy Duty RED® dilutions with Regular Duty Blue dilution in this simple, easy to use 3-dilution system.


  • Compact design: 11" x 19".
  • Switch between products and dilutions easily with no tubes, doors or screw-on caps to deal with.
  • Get more out of your products; 3 dilutions available to cover everything from low-cost floor cleaning to serious renovation.
  • Dock, Dial, Dilute™ – Easy to use, easy to train.
  • Locking dispenser prevents product misuse.
  • Water option (No more Y valve).


Perfect for:

  • Replacing your current unit with a smaller dispenser that's simpler and easier to use.
  • Sophisticated teams with a variety of surfaces to clean.
  • Value buyers looking for versatility and cost control.

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