Better System

One product for 95% of cleaning

A single Pure Crafted™ product will replace dozens of chemicals. Then complete your system with our specialty-use products.

Better Results

Pure Crafted™ products with one-of-a-kind cleaning power

Our products are safer, healthier, and leave far less residue than typical cleaners. No more sticky surfaces that get dirty quickly and can harbor bacteria. Less worry about surface damage or worker safety.

This is the core of our promise to you. Excellent cleaning results — with no harm to your people, your facility, or your budget.

Better Value

Achieve simplicity and savings from day one


One product cleans 95% of your facility — reducing training and cleaning time while replacing expensive specialty products.


Pure Crafted™ technology gives you more cleaning power while using fewer products, allowing you to consolidate.

Easy Training

Our easy-to-learn system makes training a snap. It's so simple to use, you can train your staff in less than 10 minutes.

EnvirOx Customers Get Exclusive Access to Our Online Training Portal