Restoring Your LVT Floor

by EnvirOx
Restoring Your LVT Floor

Luxury vinyl tile is constructed differently than traditional types of flooring, so your past methods of cleaning might have led to a build-up of residue on the surface of it. This can make it look dirty or dingy, even if it's relatively new. Don't worry though, it is possible to cut through the grime and get your floors looking like new again. Here we have our recommended process for restoring your floors.

First, you’ll want to get rid of the residue left behind by your old product. This is accomplished with a minimum of tools.

Step 1 - Apply Heavy Duty dilution to the floor

Apply H2Orange2 in a Heavy Duty dilution to the floor. 

Let dwell 5-10 minutes, then scrub with autoscrubber or deck brush

Let it dwell 5-10 minutes, and then scrub with an auto scrubber or deck brush.Be sure to scrub with the grain of the floor

If you used an auto scrubber above (perhaps in a larger area), a deck brush is a great way to get to the edges of the floor and scrub that too. Be sure to scrub with the grain of the floor.

Pick up soiled solution and rinse

Finally, the soiled product solution is picked up, and the area is rinsed. You can do this with an auto scrubber or mop and bucket.

You can read more detailed info about using H2Orange2 to restore your floor by downloading this free informational wall chart: H2Orange2 112_Restorative Wall Chart

Luxury Vinyl Tile: Proper Cleaning & Maintenance

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