Katie Hightower

Women of EnvirOx
by Jon Huff
Katie Hightower

March is Women's History Month. As a woman-owned business, we're proud to shine a spotlight on some of the women who make a difference here. We've asked them all the same questions—about their time at EnvirOx, and the women who inspire them.

Meet the Women of EnvirOx

Katie Hightower

Human Relations Manager

How long have you worked at EnvirOx?
16 years in April!

What woman or women influenced you growing up?
Both my Aunt and grandmother had a big influence on me as growing up.  They were both hard working, well put together women that were before their times and had been very successful in their fields.  I looked up to them and they were my role models. 

Does working at a woman-owned business feel different than other places you’ve worked? Or does it mean anything to you personally?
It doesn’t necessarily feel any different, but I will say I do take a lot of pride in being able to announce I work for a women owned business.  Now that we have our own WBE status, I always take note of other products/businesses that have the same designation and gravitate toward them over others if that is a choice. 

What’s one thing you’d tell younger women today that you’ve learned from experience?
Don’t give up, if you have goals and aspirations keep foraging ahead.  Glass ceilings are shattering every day and it’s becoming easier to recognize that women in our society wear many hats during the course of our lives and career.  Balance is key and it’s okay if one hat takes precedence over another at any given period of time. 

If you could have dinner with four women—living or dead—who would they be and why?
This is a tough one, but I would say in no particular order:  Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolly Parton and my grandmother I mentioned before.  All are/were impressive forces to be reckoned with in their own ways and I would love to pick each of their brains. 

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