Glasses? Goggles? Which is Right For the Job?

Green Cleaning Best Practices: PPE Part 2: Eye Protection
by EnvirOx
Glasses? Goggles? Which is Right For the Job?

In this series on Green Cleaning Best Practices, we’re exploring a few topics covered in the Green Cleaning Best Practices Course on the EnvirOx Training Portal. Last time we talked about Gloves. This time, we’ll discuss Goggles.

Glasses or Goggles?

These are the most common types of eye protection. Sometimes, people think of glasses and goggles as interchangeable or believe that the prescription or fashion glasses they wear daily are suitable. Let's look at the main differences.

Protective Glasses

These are different than standard prescription glasses. They are designed primarily to protect the eyes from the impact of objects. They are made from materials like polycarbonate that are impact-resistant and must meet specific safety standards. They also can have panels on the side to prevent things from flying toward the eye area from the side. Protective glasses can be ordered with prescription lenses.

Safety Goggles

These are meant to protect against dust, liquids, and vapors. They are more enclosed to provide 360-degree protection to the eye area. They have a strap to keep the goggles in place. Unless they are designed to keep vapors out, they might have holes for airflow. Typically, safety goggles are worn over prescription glasses.

Maintaining Your Glasses or Goggles

Whether you’re using glasses or goggles, always be sure your eye protection:

  • Is comfortable. It shouldn’t pinch your nose or dig into the sides of your head
  • Is clean. Your vision should not be distorted or unclear.
  • Is free of scratches. Again, your vision should never be obstructed.
  • Is not foggy. If you run into an issue where they get foggy often, investigate anti-fog liquids you can spray on the eyewear.

Always replace eyewear if it gets scratched up or if vision is unclear for any reason.

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