Cindy Palmer

Women of EnvirOx
by Jon Huff
Cindy Palmer

March is Women's History Month. As a woman-owned business, we're proud to shine a spotlight on some of the women who make a difference here. We've asked them all the same questions—about their time at EnvirOx, and the women who inspire them.

Meet the Women of EnvirOx

Cindy Palmer

Procurement Analyst

How long have you worked at EnvirOx?
18 years and 4 months

What woman or women influenced you growing up?
My Grandmother, Clara Albert

Does working at a woman-owned business feel different than other places you’ve worked? Or does it mean anything to you personally?
I am not sure if it’s because of [EnvirOx being] a women owed business….but working at EnvirOx feels like one big family. I think that working for a female-led company comes with advantages. Some of those advantages can be equal pay, equal respect, flexibility (flexibility is good regardless of the gender).

What’s one thing you’d tell younger women today that you’ve learned from experience?
Live life to the fullest! Take chances even if your family or friends disagree with those chances. If you have a dream, pursue it! DON’T Settle!

If you could have dinner with four women—living or dead—who would they be and why?
My Grandma Albert, My mother, my sister. Having a dinner with these 3 women would be awesome! We are such a close family the only one missing is my granny. I would love to get some of her old recipes. Do a shot of Apple Pucker with her and my mom. Grandma was a little spit fire that I miss dearly. My sister and I would spend the night and get to wear her “granny” nightgowns and wear her silk night cap to bed.





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