Cathy Anderson

Women of EnvirOx
by Jon Huff
Cathy Anderson

March is Women's History Month. As a woman-owned business, we're proud to shine a spotlight on some of the women who make a difference here. We've asked them all the same questions—about their time at EnvirOx, and the women who inspire them.

Meet the Women of EnvirOx

Cathy Anderson

Accounting Manager

How long have you worked at EnvirOx?
5 years!

What woman or women influenced you growing up?
My Mother

Does working at a woman-owned business feel different than other places you’ve worked? Or does it mean anything to you personally?
EnvirOx as a whole is different from any other place I have worked, but I believe it is a combination of being woman-owned and our strong, amazing culture.  We also have one of the most incredible women I have ever met as An Owner/President.

What’s one thing you’d tell younger women today that you’ve learned from experience?
Blending in and being the same as everyone else is overrated!  Be true to yourself and believe that you can do anything in life.  Never give up on what you believe in, work hard to accomplish your dreams, and always – ALWAYS get back up.

If you could have dinner with four women—living or dead—who would they be and why?
1. Maya Angelou – I have always loved poetry.  Maya was the epitome of being different during a time when different wasn’t popular.  2. Sylvia Plath – I also love reading, and Sylvia wrote about topics that were considered taboo during her time, one of which was mental illness.  This inspired me to consider becoming a psychiatrist (I ultimately discovered my love for numbers and pursued accounting instead!) 3 & 4+: any of my fellow female co-workers at EnvirOx.  We have a wonderfully diverse group of womenworking at EnvirOx, all of which offer something very unique.  It is really something special to work with so many brilliant women that I respect.

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