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Reduce Training Time,

Simplify Your Cleaning Program.

H2Orange2 Saved Us Money and Reduced Our Products!

  • 1 Product. 2 Dilutions. 95% of All Cleaning.
  • Reduce Staff Training Time.
  • Replace Your Closet Full of Cleaners.
  • Save On Your Cleaning Chemical Budget.
  • Increase Your Bottom Line.
  • Use Greener, Safer Cleaning Technology.

Replace your closet full of chemicals with a single streamlined cleaning solution that cleans, deodorizes, degreases and sanitizes with a single product. H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 combines cold-pressed orange oil and hydrogen peroxide technology to deliver amazing results, safer cleaning and simpler training. 

Let us show you how much you can save in training time and on your overall chemical budget by switching EnvirOx H2Orange2 Concentrate 117– request your cost comparison today!

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