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Simplify Your Training. Train Your Staff in Ten Minutes.


Absolute Cleaning System uses the Train in Ten system, which makes training easy through color coding and numbers

The Absolute Cleaning System makes training easy.

  • The proprietary Train in Ten™ system uses a visual color and number system to train in a variety of different facilities and situations.
  • Staff only have to learn how to use ONE multi-purpose product to take care of 95% of your cleaning needs.
  • The product itself can be used on any water-safe surface.

Use as a glass cleaner,  stainless steel polish and cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, restroom cleaner, carpet spotter and cleaner, food degreaser, deodorizer, tile and grout renovator, and more!


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Absolute™ Cleaning System bottles are patented under U.S Patents D821,879 S, D822,492 S, D821,881 S, D785,457 S, D785,456 S and D788,587 S.