Transforming the cleaning industry

EnvirOx, LLC was started in 1995 as a research project to develop a new cleaning chemical technology. Patrick Stewart, founder and inventor of H2Orange2, had three goals in mind:

  1. Reduce toxicity.
  2. Reduce environmental impact.
  3. Make cleaning products that actually work.

After extensive testing and re-working of formulations, the EnvirOx research team found that oxygen was the answer, and hydrogen peroxide was the vehicle.

“We effectively eliminated the need for traditional, higher toxicity ingredients such as alcohols, glycol ethers, acid, caustics, amines, ammonia, bleach, phosphates, detergents, and quaternary ammonium compounds,” recalls Patrick Stewart, “The result was one, low toxicity product that performed all the general janitorial cleaning tasks using various dilution rates.”

Today, EnvirOx has literally transformed the cleaning industry. The company’s original goal of developing a safer cleaning product helped spur the entire industry to become safer and healthier. By December 2004, there were six other companies with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners on the market. Just one year later, there were 16 companies with hydrogen peroxide cleaners and a total of 65 companies with some type of Green Seal certified cleaners.

The patented formulation of H2Orange2 has been imitated, but its effectiveness has not been replicated. It remains the environmentally preferred cleaner of choice for thousands of schools, sports arenas, healthcare facilities, office buildings, national landmarks and government offices. It is the only environmentally preferred cleaner chosen by the City of Santa Monica, and is on the preferred list for the state programs of Massachusetts and Vermont, the counties of Ventura, Calif., and King, Wash., as well as many major cities and municipalities across the country. It is also a preferred product for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

In addition to the core product of H2Orange2, EnvirOx offers a complete line of safer, healthier cleaning products for specialty uses.

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