The One-Product Restroom Cleaning Challenge

Can one product clean an entire restroom? It’s easy to be skeptical. When some cleaning companies have systems with 40 or 50 products, it’s easy to think that is what’s required. As a cleaning manager, we know you’re always looking for ways to save money, time, space, and hassle. So, the idea of using one hyper-concentrated product at different dilutions for the majority of your cleaning needs is enticing. But will it actually work?

For this cleaning challenge, we’re using H2Orange2 Hyper-Concentrate 112—part of our new Absolute Cleaning System.

  • Toilets & Urinals (Heavy Duty) – Spray at the start of the cleaning process and let sit for five minutes. You can move onto other cleaning tasks and then come back and scrub or wipe the surfaces as needed.
  • Sinks, Fixtures & Counters (Heavy Duty) – Spray and then wipe or scrub. It does not need to be rinsed away. It will air dry, and the fresh orange scent fades quickly leaving only a clean, neutral-smelling restroom.
  • Mirrors (Light Duty) – The key to getting a good clean on mirrors involves having a product that is powerful enough to cut through greasy fingerprints and smears, but that won’t leave streaks behind. H2Orange2’s formula is low on detergents that leave streaks. The cold-pressed orange oil that gives the cleaner its distinctive fresh smell is also a powerful solvent that helps cut through grease.
  • Floors (Light Duty) – The lower quantity of surfactants used means that residue isn’t left on floors to build up over time. Over time, this residue can make floors look dingy, cause bacterial build-up, and lead to floors becoming slippery and unsafe. H2Orange2 also uses the power of peroxide, which means it’s ideal for grout restoration.
  • Sanitizing (Heavy Duty) – As a final step, per CDC guidelines, you can then hit high touch-point areas such as faucets, door handles, toilet flushers, and soap dispensers with another spray. Leave this wet for five minutes to activate the product’s kill claims as an EPA-registered virucide and sanitizer. You can then wipe the product away or just let it air dry.
  • Deodorizer (Light Duty) – The peroxide in the product means it can help control troublesome bathroom odors. Just spray the product on any problem area.

So, yes, you can clean an entire restroom with one cleaning product—providing a robust and economic backbone for any cleaning program.

Before and After Picture - Restroom Tile

Restroom tiles before & after.


Restroom Training Pictograph

With EnvirOx's Train in Ten™ system, cleaning program instructions are related via pictographs like the one seen above.

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