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Cleaning Industry Turnover Averages 200%
Find Out How to Combat This Through Hiring & Training

Hiring and Training Cleaning Staff E-book - This E-book features: • Tips for hiring new workers • How to use training to boost retention • How to improve staff morale


A 200% turnover rate means within one year the average cleaning business replaces its staff twice. Considering it's estimated to cost $1,000 per hire to recruit, orientate, and train them, that means a lot of time and money is spent on hiring and training workers.

That's why we've created a brand new E-book dedicated to the subject of hiring and training cleaning workers. This E-book contains:

  • Tips for hiring new workers
  • Accounting for generational differences in work style and attitude
  • Hiring non-Native English speakers
  • Tips for training staff
  • And ideas beyond hiring and training for improving worker morale and retention