One product. 95% of your cleaning needs.

Simplify Your Cleaning Program

One Pure Crafted® product replaces:

Glass cleaner • Stainless steel polish and cleaner • Neutral floor cleaner • Restroom cleaner • Carpet spotter • Carpet cleaner • Food degreaser • Deodorizer • Tile & grout renovator and more

Achieve Absolute Simplicity and Savings from Day One

Get Better Cleaning Results

  • Proprietary formulas remove sticky, unsightly residue left from other cleaners.
  • Hydrogen peroxide technology cleans any water-safe surface.
  • Train in Ten™ system gets your staff up and running in minutes.
  • Replace dozens of products with one highly effective solution.

Safer, Easier, and Less Expensive

  • Closed-loop dilution system eliminates open access to concentrated product.
  • Diluted, in-use cleaners carry no OSHA safety warnings*.
  • No more "glug-glug" — gain control of your costs!
  • Unique docking system means no screw-on caps or hoses to deal with.
  • 3 versatile, cross-compatible dispensers deliver high value in a small footprint. Choose from portable or wall-mounted options.

Hyper-Concentrated Value

  • Get over 2,000 quarts of in-use cleaner out of just one gallon of concentrate.
  • Reduce costs by comparing in-use price. All concentrates are not created equal!
  • Save thousands of pounds from the landfill in plastic and cardboard waste.
  • Shrink the amount of inventory space needed.

The Absolute Cleaning System includes products with the following certifications or registrations

Absolute Cleaning System cost comparison

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