Why Do We Clean?

It's a basic question, but it's an important one to answer.
by EnvirOx

This might seem like a pretty basic question. And it's one you probably have quite a few answers for. But it's important for any cleaning business to have some clear answers at the ready for two reasons:

  • To understand the goals of their job, which will help them select the equipment and cleaning product they use to achieve this goal
  • To be able to communicate the value they bring to their clients.

Here are the top two answers we've identified:

Cleaning for Appearance

1. For Appearance

This is, perhaps, the most obvious because it's the most visible. But, it's easy to underestimate how much having a clean business can affect the success of a business. Customers judge businesses and facilities by how they clean they are. One poll revealed that 14% of customers would stop visiting a store that wasn't clean, and 29% would visit if only absolutely necessary.

Cleaning For Health

2. For Health

The other critical reason for cleaning is the impact on health it can have. Cleaning is part of the way we combat the many illnesses that result from exposure to viruses, bacteria, germs, and pollutants that coat the surfaces of the places we occupy every day. That means when you clean it's critical to remove these factors at the same time.

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