Safer Schools: American Academy of Pediatrics COVID-19 Guidelines

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Safer Schools: American Academy of Pediatrics COVID-19 Guidelines

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has released its guidelines for safe schools in a new document. Their findings align with the guidance the CDC has given, but there are some essential things to note:

  • Although the primary mode COVID-19 has of infecting people is from person-to-person contact (through droplets), they do reinforce that "because the virus may survive on certain surfaces for some time, it is possible to get infected after touching a virus contaminated surface and then touching the mouth, eyes, or nose.”1
  • The AAP reaffirms that you must clean surfaces before disinfecting them. “Normal cleaning with soap and water decreases the viral load and optimizes the efficacy of disinfectants.”1
  • They reinforce that disinfectants should only be used as necessary. As other health experts have warned, disinfectant use comes with downsides to occupant and worker health.
  • The AAP suggests using products that “active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, citric acid,” because “they are less toxic, are not strong respiratory irritants or asthma triggers, and have no known carcinogenic, reproductive, or developmental effects.”1

For more info from the AAP, you visit their website at

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1. American Academy of Pediatrics (2021). COVID-19 Guidance for Safe Schools. American Academy of Pediatrics Interim Clinical Guidance. January 5, 2021.

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