Resources for Creating Your Own Training Program

by EnvirOx
Resources for Creating Your Own Training Program

We recently wrote about why a training program is so essential to janitorial staff. Once you've identified the areas that need to be covered, you've then got the job of assembling a training program. This can seem like an overwhelming task. The secret is to tackle everything you need to cover one by one. And there is a LOT of material out there online you can draw from and incorporate or just use as inspiration for your own training. Here are four resources you can start with:

YouTube –  The video streaming service has a wealth of information. You can find general cleaning tips, as well as videos from specific manufacturers about how to use their products. For videos specific to our products, you can consult our Resources section of the site.

Downloads – Search for downloadable PDFs that you can print off. This might include proper usage instructions, wall charts, or more. 

Orderable Materials – Check with your distributor to see if they have any materials they can send you with your next order of cleaning products or accessories. For instance, EnvirOx offers wall charts for a wide variety of different rooms within your facility. From classrooms to hotel rooms to locker rooms and more. We also have small training cards attached to lanyards that staff can carry with them or connect to a cleaning cart. Feel free to Contact Us if you have questions about all the wall charts available.

Training Programs – There are training programs out there for custodial staff. Some are purchased either as complete programs or ala carte for specific cleaning situations. ISSA also offers certification programs as well. You can use these to supplement your training programs. Here are a few we've found. Note: Not all resources have been vetted by EnvirOx. This section is for research purchases only and their appearance here does not qualify as a recommendation. Here are some national resources. You’ll likely find local training programs in most larger cities as well. 

ISSA Certification Program 

• Consists of Basic and Advanced modules 
• Offered on-site or at home 
• Offered in Spanish 

The Janitorial Store 

• A variety of training programs including general and specific needs 
• Complete training packages offered 
• ISSA/CMI Verified 

National Pro Clean 

• Offers training via books, videos, and software 
• DVDs included tests and diplomas 
• Offers other training programs for specific topics like carpet cleaning

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