Pickles, Punch Boards, and Pies in the Face

October Fundraising at EnvirOx
by EnvirOx
Pickles, Punch Boards, and Pies in the Face

October brings a yearly tradition to EnvirOx, but it’s one that’s separated from the witches, pumpkins, and goblins the month is traditionally known for. For the 10th year in a row, this is the month where EnvirOx’s Charitable Contributions Committee really ramps up its fundraising efforts. Although the company gives throughout the year—supporting and sponsoring a wide variety of organizations and events such as the upcoming Cooking up Change competition—this is the month set aside for the majority of the employee-led fundraising efforts.

Their efforts are all internal — with a variety of activities designed to raise funds including:

  • Weekly 50/50 raffles
  • A reverse raffle for prizes
  • Homemade meals for breakfast or lunch with a donation
  • A silent auction for homemade jams, salsas, cookies, and other dishes
  • A punch-board full of prizes donated from local businesses
  • A “Penny War” where the winner got to throw a pie at the loser
  • And much more!

This year the staff raised $2,497! The funds are used throughout the year to support many different organizations, as well as helping out employees who might be experiencing hardship. In the past, the committee has used to funds to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and buy school supplies for local school children. Upcoming donations will go to the United Way and Project Success Vermillion County.

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