New Marketing Upgrades Bring More Information to Customers

by EnvirOx
New Marketing Upgrades Bring More Information to Customers

Have you seen our new literature or training videos yet? Along with updating our website, we’ve been hard at work updating our marketing materials to provide a better experience to our customers.

Make your decision easy with our new literature

Our new product literature focuses on the customer, with testimonials and product specifications at your fingertips. Easily compare products and learn how our products uniquely address the everyday challenges you face.

We’ve also added new literature for specific customers. K-12 schools, universities, BSCs, long-term care, and retail customers can now learn why EnvirOx is a great fit for their facility with one simple sheet. See how the simplicity of our cleaning systems can save you money and help you tackle your toughest challenges.

Whether you’re a long-time user of EnvirOx or someone who’s just starting to evaluate their options, our new literature is a great place to start learning more about EnvirOx products.

Train in Ten with our new training videos

EnvirOx’s new training videos, available on our website and YouTube channel, are the fastest and easiest way to train your staff on cleaning with EnvirOx. Our new videos focus on process and cover a wide range of tasks, making it painless to provide complete training for your staff. The easy, step-by-step approach trains a custodian on the entire task at hand, not just how to use the products. By combining visual show-and-tell, motion graphics and voiceover, the videos are designed with best training practices to deliver the best outcome.

Train your staff on how to clean:

Our first round of training videos focus on our flagship product, H2Orange2 Concentrate 117. If you’re using one of our other multi-purpose cleaners, don’t worry — your training video library is on its way.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a distributor, long-time fan, or new to EnvirOx — there’s something to help support you in our new materials.

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