Language Barriers, Reducing Costs & COVID Too: One BSC's Story

by EnvirOx
Language Barriers, Reducing Costs & COVID Too: One BSC's Story

Dominic Cedillo, CEO of Clean Care, joined the company in August of 2019. Like anyone who steps into a leadership role at a building service contractor, he wanted to make sure the company was set up for success and able to deliver their promise of “Cleaning for Health.” So, he approached the cleaning product they were already using with skepticism. That product was EnvirOx H2Orange2 Hyper-Concentrate 112.

“When I started with Clean Care in August of 2019, the company was already using EnvirOx,” he said. “The idea that one product could clean 95% of a facility didn’t seem real.”


Clean Care worker putting on protective mask

Cedillo’s solution was to put the product to the test. He instructed his team to clean a facility with products by companies other than EnvirOx for an extended time to provide a comparison. It wasn’t long before he began noticing differences in that facility.

“I started seeing negative impacts on things like training and cost,” said Cedillo. For a company like Clean Care, that prides itself on creating jobs for refugees and immigrants, he knew right away that a complicated training program wasn’t sustainable. He also knew that the increase in cost was a big red flag. “That’s when EnvirOx re-earned my business.”

Cedillo has seen first-hand just how quickly training can become complicated–especially with the element of a language barrier. “Showing up to a new country is hard enough on its own,” said Cedillo. “So, having the opportunity to work helps set an individual up for future success. Cleaning teaches skills that one can build upon down the road.”

“The fact that EnvirOx training materials are color-coded and don’t necessarily rely on the ability to read English is great. It helps break through the language barriers,” he said. “Training is simple and takes no time at all.”

Clean Care worker cleaning grocery store with EnvirOx H2Orange2 Hyper Concentrate 112

COVID-19 Impact

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it “turned our world upside down,” stated Cedillo. “As certified infection prevention experts, our teams were ready to do our part on the frontlines to help flatten the curve through surface cleaning and disinfection.”

“In a rapidly changing environment with new information emerging daily, we knew we could trust EnvirOx to help us follow CDC guidelines while limiting potential negative impacts on people,” he said. To build a complete 2-step cleaning and disinfecting program, Cedillo decided to pair H2Orange2 with EnvirOx Critical Care. “We didn’t want to create a new set of respiratory problems while tackling COVID-19 challenges,” said Cedillo, which is why he chose to include Critical Care as the disinfectant in his program. Critical Care is on EPA’s List N, carries a lower toxicity profile, and has an HMIS rating of 0,0,0.

Along with the simplicity and effectiveness of EnvirOx products, Cedillo has seen a cost reduction.

“This isn’t a high margin business, so looking for ways to mitigate cost is always a challenge,” he said. “EnvirOx has definitely helped with that.” By choosing to stick with H2Orange2, Cedillo has continued to effectively and efficiently train his staff (regardless of language barriers), provide his customers the promise of “Cleaning for Health,” and reduce his overall cost 15-20%.

“As I said, this is just a really great story of how EnvirOx re-earned my business,” said Cedillo. Not to mention, “everyone loves the orange smell.”

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