How to Restore Rusted Salt Truck Beds

by EnvirOx
How to Restore Rusted Salt Truck Beds

It's that time of year again—when the weather turns wet and snowy for much of the United States. That means it's time for salt trucks have been working overtime to keep the roads clear and drivers safe.

Effects of Salt on a Truck Bed

Because of this, you might be noticing your salt truck bed looking rougher than usual. The chief issues are usually:

  • Salt Residue
  • Rust

Salt and water mixed do not rust metal. What it does is speed up the rusting process. Saltwater is an electrolyte. Electrolytes allow the metal to lose electrons more quickly, speeding up the rusting process. The good news is, this rust is likely just on the surface and can be removed.

Below is a photo that was taken by one of our reps out in the field after they tried our product Mineral Shock on the bed of a salt truck in Michigan.

Salt Truck after application of Mineral Shock

Mineral Shock is a powerful mineral deposit remover that doesn’t use harsh acids. Instead, it’s got reduced toxicity, acid-replacement technology that makes it powerful without harsh fumes.

To use Mineral Shock on your salt truck bed:

  • Spray RTU-strength Mineral Shock on the side of the truck bed.
  • Let sit 2-3 minutes (longer for heavy build up).
  • Agitate using Nylon Deck Brush and/or nonabrasive white pad.
  • Rinse with clean water.

That’s it! You can download an info sheet about Mineral Shock that contains these instructions here.

Download Mineral Shock Information Sheet

Want to try out Mineral Shock?

Find your local distributor to try out Mineral Shock. It's great for more than just salt truck beds, too. It cleans: 

  • Rust
  • Hard water scale
  • Lime
  • Soap scum
  • Urine salts
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