Green Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

by EnvirOx
Green Cleaning is More Important Than Ever

Green cleaning products have always been preferred, but at a time when disinfectant use is at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever. Why?

Green Cleaning Products are Part of the Cycle of Good Disinfection.

What does this mean? Disinfection is a process, not a product. You need to remove dirt, debris, and bodily fluids like fingerprint grease before you disinfect. Cleaning breaks down and removes these from a surface so disinfectants can do their job. Cleaning also removes any leftover residue from the last round of disinfection.

They Cycle of Disinfection


Green Cleaning Products Introduce Less Toxicity into the Environment.

Disinfectants achieve their kill claims chemically. They leave residue behind. Using a green-certified cleaner like one of our proprietary multi-purpose hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners ensures that you’re not adding even more toxicity on top of the disinfectants. For more info on the different green certifications, read our blog on the topic.

Green Cleaning Products are Safer for New Users

A lot of people are learning the hard way about the dangers of misusing cleaning products and disinfectants. Recently, in our home state of Illinois, there was a 40% increase in inappropriate exposures to cleaners and disinfectants reported to the Illinois Poison Center1. This has been reflected nationwide as well, with a 20% increase in poison control calls from January to March reported.Some of those people might be new hires for your cleaning team. A good training program can help prevent this, but even then accidents happen.

Questions About Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is all we do. And we've been doing it for over twenty years. We're here to help you if you have any questions.

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