Floor Restoration: Renew Your Floor in 4 Steps

by EnvirOx
Floor Restoration: Renew Your Floor in 4 Steps

If you’ve been using a cleaning product that leaves a lot of residue behind, it’s possible your floor has built up a layer of grime that you need to get rid of before it’s going to have its proper clarity, shine, and color again.

If you want to restore your floor, here is an four-step process you can follow:

Floor Restoration Step 1: Pre-Spry the floor with H2Orange2

1. Pre-Spray

Spray your floor with a Heavy Duty dilution of H2Orange2. Let this dwell on the floor for 5-10 minutes.

Floor Restoration Step 2: Machine Scrub

2. Machine Scrub

Use your preferred machine scrubber to scrub the treated area of the floor. Make sure you’re using the proper brush type for the floor you’re scrubbing based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. After scrubbing, turn on the scrubber’s vacuum and let the squeegee remove excess product on the surface of the floor.

Floor Restoration Step 3: Deck Brush

3. Deck Brush

Pre-spray hard-to-reach areas and baseboards. Then use a medium-sized deck brush and scrub these areas.

Floor Restoration Step 4: Pick-Up & Rinse

4. Pick Up & Rinse

Pick up the soiled product solution and rinse the area with a mop and bucket, or an auto scrubber filled with clean water.


A couple more notes to consider:

  • When you’re first restoring a floor, it will take longer than it normal. It may require several overlapping passes of the scrubber.
  • To make future restorations easier, use the Light Duty solution of H2Orange2 as part of your daily cleaning regimen.

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