Manage A Custodial Team? Share the Value You Bring.

When it comes to schools and universities, having an efficient and robust cleaning staff should be one of their top priorities. But janitorial teams across the country face the consequences of budget cutting the same as any other department. In 2015, 29 states were still providing less funding for K-12 schools than they did before the Recession in 2008, despite economic gains.1 The Recession is still affecting public colleges and universities as well. Funding for colleges in 2017 was almost $9 billion below its 2008 level.2

What this means for custodial staffs across the nation is that it’s more critical than ever that they know the value they bring to schools and can demonstrate it. Here are some quick facts to help you out:

You can download a Cleaning & Student Life Fact Sheet here. Hang the sheet up in the janitor’s closet to help reinforce the pride they should take in what they do. Share the sheet with the decision makers in the organization, so they understand why the investment in a functional custodial staff is critical for the health of students and the success of the school as a whole.

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