Critical Care RTU Disinfectant Now in Gallon Size

by EnvirOx
Critical Care RTU Disinfectant Now in Gallon Size



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You requested it, and we listened. Our COVID-19 killing disinfectant—Critical Care—is now available in gallon size containers. Critical Care has quickly become one of our most requested products.

  • On List N of disinfectants that kill the virus that causes COVID-19
  • 3-minute dwell time
  • Currently stocked and secured long term supply
  • Disinfectant with a low toxicity profile

So why offer it in gallons?

Right now, we’re facing a global shortage of spray heads and bottles at the same time demand for disinfection is at an all-time high. Offering Critical Care in gallon form:

  • Allows you to refill the ready-to-use Critical Care bottle
  • Use Critical Care RTU in your favorite, properly labeled pump-up sprayer
  • Helps us keep supply levels strong
  • Reduces waste, helping the environment
  • Can actually save you up to 10% off the MSRP of Critical Care RTU.*

Critical Care + Multi-Purpose cleaning

And remember, be sure to pair critical care with one of our low-residue, low-toxicity multi-purpose cleaners. It’s critical to clean and then disinfect. This is how you can avoid the unsightly effects of residue on surfaces that disinfectants leave behind. If you’re seeing white dust, discolorations, or experiencing slippery or tacky surfaces then you need to make sure you’re cleaning in between disinfection.

Learn More About Critical Care RTU Gallons

Access our new product page for more info, the SDS sheet, and downloadable literature.

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*Prices vary from distributor to distributor. Based on the MSRP, for a quart of Critical Care, you can save 10% with the 2 x 1-gallon package over the 6 x 32 oz pack size.

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