Choosing The Right Multi-Purpose Cleaner Part 1

Do you need a Green Certified cleaner?
by EnvirOx
Choosing The Right Multi-Purpose Cleaner Part 1

One of the things we've strived to do throughout our history is to make things simpler when it comes to cleaning. Simpler for managers, cleaning workers, and building occupants who want to understand how to get the level of cleaning and disinfection they need without sacrificing their health or the environment.

Over the years, we’ve built up a portfolio of products designed to meet different needs. With the recent introduction of our Green Certified H2O2 Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner, your options have never been greater. But this leads to a question, which we’ll be exploring in our next few blogs:

Which Multi-Purpose Cleaner is Right for My Facility?

The answer depends on a few factors:

In this blog, we'll look at the first bullet point.

Do you require a Green Certified cleaner?

The first thing to consider is whether you want or need to have a Green Certified Cleaner. When it comes to “green cleaning” as a concept, there are a lot of approaches you can take. What is the goal of green cleaning? Here’s our take:

Green cleaning aims to make the spaces you clean as free of dirt, debris, and contaminants as possible while minimizing risks to cleaning staff and the environment.

Usually, the three big motivators to use Green Certified cleaners are some combination of:

  1. Peace of mind knowing a trusted third-party organization like Green Seal or EcoLogo has evaluated the product, and it has met their strict guidelines for a truly green product.
  2. You’re trying to get LEED Credits.
  3. You're required to use Green Certified cleaners per laws/guidelines in your area.

Our flagship product, H2Orange2 Concentrate (available in concentrate and hyper-concentrate), is EPA registered, but it isn't Green Certified. Why is that? If a product is EPA registered, it CAN'T be Green Certified by EPA rules. It can only be one or the other. In both cases, an independent agency has reviewed the claims made by the product. But a product can't have both.

That doesn't mean that these products aren't environmentally preferred have lower VOCs and a neutral pH. They also have specific sanitizer and virucide effects (more on this in a future blog) which are an added feature. Like all our multi-purpose cleaners, you can get 95% of your cleaning done with just one product in multiple dilutions. But they are not (and can not be) Green Certified.

So, if that is a must for you, you should go with one of our Green Certified Multi-Purpose solutions instead. You won’t be losing one ounce of cleaning power. But, these products don’t have sanitizer or virucide claims. Instead, they should be paired with one of our growing options for disinfectants. We’ll cover that topic in detail in our next blog.

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