Celebrating 20 Years of A Healthier Way to Clean

by EnvirOx
Celebrating 20 Years of A Healthier Way to Clean

Recently we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a fun and inspirational night of speeches, laughter, food, games, and dancing. The event celebrated the marketing launch of EnvirOx as a company. The company was founded by Patrick Stewart, the inventor of H2Orange2 after he achieved his goal of creating a new kind of cleaning product. His vision for H2Orange2 was to create something that cleaned just as effectively as everything else out on the market but was also safer for janitorial workers and less impactful on the environment. Twenty years later, key figures from the company reflected on not only our history but what was up next. President Diana Stewart said the company thrived because of three things the company was founded on—vision, grit, and heart.

“You see, we’re not here because Patrick had an idea. Not only did he have an idea, but he was able to bring it to fruition. He built a company and inspired people out of, essentially, thin air. And that’s remarkable to me,” said Diana.

“When I’m out there talking about EnvirOx and what I love about being a part of it, I'm talking about the company we work at today. I get to work with a lot of awesome friendly people, and I get to make a difference. The company is one of the things I brag about first. It's a fantastic company that provides a lot of opportunities. EnvirOx is a pretty unique place,” said Eric Jewsbury, Chief Financial Officer.

Founder Patrick Stewart addresses the party

Founder Patrick Stewart addresses the party.

“I don’t really want to talk about the last 20 years. It was great fun. It was a lot of work. But what’s important is what’s going on now,” said founder Patrick Stewart, praising the current EnvirOx team for all their hard work and leadership.

“Everything we’ve been talking about together is a very delicate balance. We’ve got to remember to keep working on it. Because this is a work in progress. When something in the company seems like 2+2=6. You need to stand up and say something. If you’re not comfortable where you’re working. With your job. With the people around you. You need to stand up. I did that because I was sick and tired of leaving myself at the door. I don’t want you to leave yourself at the door,” he added, highlighting part of the company’s cultural values.

Diana summed up the spirit of the night, and the spirit of our company, with this final thought: “The present and the future is about our vision, our grit, our hearts and we’re going to move this company forward and do great things together. You are the future. And we have a lot to celebrate tonight. Because 20 years is just the beginning.”

From everyone at EnvirOx, we want to thank you for your business the last twenty years. We’ve truly felt privileged to support all the people who clean our houses, our schools, our hospitals, our workplaces, our arenas, and so much more. And we’re committed to making your work easier and safer for all the years to come.

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