Building Service Contractor Reduces Training Time, Gets Ahead of Green Curve

by EnvirOx

Managing training time and turnover can be difficult in a building service contractor. In fact, the average turnover rate for a BSC is over 70%. How do you manage training over 70% of your staff from scratch every year? Let’s take a look on one case where consistency and simplicity has been key.

Kris is a facilities manager for a regional building service contractor. They’ve been using EnvirOx products for over a decade — one of our long-standing customers.

“We’ve been using EnvirOx products for 13 years now. We first switched over because of the ease of training and safety of the chemicals. It’s not like some product lines where you have 10 different chemicals and have to explain all that to someone new. It’s two color-coded dilutions — straightforward, easy to use and simple to explain.”

Not only do Envirox products help Kris manage training time, but he’s gotten some added perks as well:

“We started using EnvirOx back when green wasn’t a huge thing in the industry — a few years later, we realized that these products also met green cleaning standards, which was a plus for us.”

Kris was using EnvirOx before his customers were requesting green cleaning. When that industry change hit, Kris was prepared to serve his customers with a cleaning program that was already safer and healthier. Not to mention, the fantastic cleaning results he delivered.

“We’ve been using the product for so long, the results speak for themselves. The hydrogen peroxide technology works great, especially in older school bathrooms. Just daily mopping really helps reduce the urine odors that can happen. The ease of training and minimal SKUs help us control training and ordering costs as well.

Green Certified Hard Water Soap Scum Remover gives us a safer alternative to acid-based products for mineral deposits and rust removal. It even helps us clean windows with hard water deposits from rain.”

His final thoughts?

“EnvirOx products have helped us reduce training time, meet green cleaning needs and provide safer products for our staff and our customers.”

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