A Customer Story – The First Month

I recently had a chance to speak to a few of our customers who had just switched to EnvirOx products. Meet Brian, Director of Building & Grounds and Marcus, Day Custodian. These two are dedicated to providing the best environment for learning in their school district– they’re very active in their local school associations and are diving into the world of green cleaning.

Here’s what they had to say about their first month using EnvirOx:

“We switched to the EnvirOx cleaning system just over a month ago. One of the biggest immediate differences is in the bathrooms. Our previous cleaning system left dye stains on the surfaces from harsh dyes in the cleaning chemicals. There are no dyes in this product– it’s actually removing the previous dye stains with daily cleaning. The custodians love the product, it’s easy to use and not harsh on their hands. 

Our distributor provides us with on-site training, and those sessions have been very effective. The system is easy to understand. The wall charts from EnvirOx, especially for bathroom cleaning, are very simple. You can just use the visuals to see step-by-step how to clean the washrooms. With just a few follow-ups, everyone’s on board and comfortable with using the products.

The EnvirOx system has reduced the amount of chemicals we use on a daily basis. We’ve consolidated 6 cleaners, plus bowl cleaners, into 3 main products.”