4 Advantages of Low Residue Cleaning Products

Residue is one of the hidden dangers of traditional products
by EnvirOx
4 Advantages of Low Residue Cleaning Products

Residue—it’s left behind by many traditional cleaning products, and can lead to a wide variety of issues. If you’ve got sticky floors, slippery floors, or floors that look dirty too soon after being cleaned, residue could be the culprit.

One of the advantages of H2Orange2 is the fact it’s a low residue cleaner, crafted to have just enough of each of its components to do its job. This makes it an ideal daily cleaner and a useful tool for restoring surfaces where residue has built up.

Here are four of the reasons to change to a low-residue cleaner:

1. Leaves Floors Looking Cleaner Longer

If your floors feel sticky when you walk on them, it stands to reason that other things will stick there too. In this case, it’s the dirt, dust, soot, and smoke that floats through the air and into the facilities you clean. This causes your floors to look dirtier faster.

2. Helps Prevent Bacterial Build-up

Sticky floors can lead to the creation of biofilms. These are rich in bacteria that can cause infections. They can be resistant to antimicrobial agents, and trap odors.

3. Improves Customer Perceptions of a Business

Because residue can attract dirt quickly, and make surfaces look off-color or yellowed, this can impact the perception of the cleanliness of a business. This can actually drive customers away. But a clean-looking facility has the opposite effect and boost customer’s confidence in a company.

4. Makes Facilities Safer

Using a low residue cleaner should be a part of making sure facilities are safer for everyone who occupies them. Residue build-up can cause floors to become slippery, leading to an increased danger of slip and fall accidents.

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