Absolute Multi Dispenser

Absolute Multi Dispenser

Dispense a variety of products through one small dispenser.

Maximize your cleaning options with one compact design. Switching between multiple products is as easy as Dock, Dial, Dilute™. There's no need to buy a new dispenser for one-off cleaning challenges.

  • Compact design: 11” x 19”.
  • Switch between products easily with no tubes, doors or screw-on caps to deal with. 
  • Get more out of your products; 5 dilutions available to cover everything from low-cost floor cleaning to serious renovation. 
  • Dock, Dial, Dilute™ – Easy to use, easy to train.
  • Locking dispenser prevents product misuse.  
  • Easy access to water. 

Perfect for: 

  • Replacing your four-product unit with a smaller dispenser that’s simpler and easier to use. 
  • Sophisticated teams with a variety of surfaces to clean. 
  • Value buyers looking for versatility and cost control. 

*This product meets Green Seal® Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org. Absolute™ Cleaning System bottles are patented under U.S Patents 10,081,455 B2​, D821,879 S, D822,492 S, D821,881 S, D785,457 S, D785,456 S and D788,587 S.

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